by Neil Fiore, PhD

“Time is the most healing thing you can give yourself today.”

  • Give yourself one extra minute, or drop one “last minute” chore, before starting your day
  • Take a 10-minute walk before collapsing in front of the TV
  • Before starting your car take 3 deep breaths (about 15 seconds total)
  • Honor transitions between projects, calls and clients with 6-12 deep breaths (30 – 60 seconds) as you let go of the last task and get ready to start on a new activity
  • Honor the Sabbath or Shabat by having nothing scheduled for at least 4 hours every weekend
  • Plan 2 hours for lunch with friends every week
  • Give yourself an extra 30 minutes at the gym
  • Leave 1 extra minute so you can talk to a neighbor’s child or pet a dog
  • Shut the television off early and give yourself an hour to just think
  • Cut one “I have to” from today’s To Do List. In fact, why not cut “have to” from your vocabulary?
  • Focus on just one thing for at least 15 minutes without interruption
  • Eliminate one stop in your mad dash to accomplish all your chores in one trip
  • Give yourself 5 seconds to look up, see the sky, wonder at majesty of the clouds and the trees.

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