by Neil Fiore, PhD

The pre-condition for any human effort is a vision of success. Man is never so strong, so enterprising, so endlessly resourceful, as when his aim stands clearly in front of him, to be achieved by a definite number of determined strides. To ‘work without hope’ is a contradiction in terms, for work without hope is work without real drive, without momentum.

– Colin Wilson

Effective Goal-Setting has at least three parts:

  1. Setting the Ultimate Goal – a future place you’d like to be and how you’d like to feel in the future e.g., Become vice president of my company
  2. Choosing and committing to a Path that leads toward that goal e.g., I’m willing to work for three years learning new skills, making contacts, following up with clients/customers, making the necessary attitude/habit changes that will position me to take on the responsibilities of vice president
  3. Directing the Functional Goal that tells you where to start and what to do on the path to your Ultimate Goal. e.g., I will start today by making three extra follow-up with clients, signing up for a class about selling on the internet, and putting the t.v. remote control in the garage

Bottom line: Your goal-setting will be ineffective unless it uses this three-part process.If you only have an Ultimate Goal you will remain overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in moving you from where you are to where you want to be. To be a truly effective setter of goals you’ll need a Functional Goal that tells you where to start and what to do today on the path to achieving your goals

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