Start Now! Procrastinate Later. Become More Productive
An interview with Neil Fiore Ph.D.
Question 1 What are the five main causes of procrastination?
1. FEAR. We fear and resist BEING CONTROLLED by others, BEING JUDGED, and FEAR MISSING OUT ON THE GOOD THINGS OF LIFE. But the greatest fear is FEAR OF YOURSELF: fear that you will make yourself miserable if you make a mistake and you’ll beat yourself up if you fail.
These fears cause you to procrastinate so you can:
1. Resist doing what others tell you (and you tell yourself) you have to get done;
2. Avoid having your worth and work judged by others
3. Protect some free time even though you know you can’t fully enjoy it because you
feel guilty
4. Escape your own self-hatred.
That’s why The Fiore Productivity Program™ shows you how to focus on taking corrective action and creating a solid, un-judge-able sense of worth rather than focusing on self-analysis and self-criticism.

Fear of mistakes makes you indecisive and keeps you from achieving excellence.
Fear of mistakes is caused by having your worth and mood determined by judgment of your work.
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